Definitie: The combination of organic material (cured fiberglass resin-a hydrocarbon compound) and metal chips provides a matrix which has the capacity to attract and capture orgone energy.

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Quantmed, torser, protectie electromagnetica

Protectii Electromagnetice

DUPLEX I,II,III – Dispozitivul Duplex este un configurator al biocampului acordat precis pe spectrul de frecvente al zonelor cu perturbari geologice. Aceste frecvente sunt transformate in frecvente bipolare si emise in incapere cu efect regulator asupra organismului.Dupa dimensiuni si arie de acoperire exista trei tipuri Duplex I, II si III.

Duplex III, combinat cu dispozitivul Electrosmog. Ofera protectie contra tuturor campurilor nocive geopatogene, radiatii telurice, radiatii electromagnetice. Electrosmog nu poate fi folosit separat ci numai conectat la Duplex.

ADR Protect – Highly recommended for users of cellular & mobile phones, computers, microwaves, and any electronic or electric appliances. Patented New-Tech Device. Strengthens the immune system of all living organisms and counteracts the harmful effects of environmental pollutants.Protect your health with this scientifically researched, award winning, easy to apply, low cost and safe-to-use ADR Protect™ energy stimulator.

TV RAYEX – Protectie pentru persoanele care petrec multe ore in fata calculatorului sau la televizor.Asezat in fata sau spatele monitorului previne aparitia unor tulburari date de influenta radiatiior electromagnetice asupra organismului.Dispozitivul a fost testat cu succes si este eficient atat timp cat se afla in apropierea sursei perturbatoare.


TORSER este primul dispozitiv portabil care asigura, timp de 7 ani, protectie bioinformationala omului la radiatii electromagnetice, geopatogene, psihotronice si de alta natura, elaborat si produs in Ucraina, bazat pe cea mai avansata tehnologie in domeniul fizicii cuantice si anume interactiunea campurilor axiale, de torsiune (axial fields).

Communiguard si articole

CommuniguardCommuniguard – protectie antielectrosmog. Armonizator de unde electromagnetice STOP ELECTROSMOG!
COMMUNIGUARD este o folie (autocolant) fabricata cu ajutorul unui program special de calculator, care poate proteja organismul uman de efectele sau influentele daunatoare ale radiatiilor electromagnetice, poate intari sistemul de aparare a organismului impotriva influentei negative exercitata de aparatele care produc campuri electromagnetice.

Articol: „Electrosmogul“, un inamic invizibil al sănătăţii oamenilor
Stâlpii de electricitate, reţelele de internet wireless, computerele, televizoarele, toate tipurile de antene şi orice alte echipamente electronice duc la slăbirea sistemului imunitar
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The Influence of electrosmog / electro stress

The human body is influenced by electromagnetic radiation. As the human body is conducted as well by electromagnetic and subtle electric currents, an interference is inevitable. Due to this, commands from the brain are not passed on correctly and sometimes even faulty controls occur. Similarly, faulty controls occur in the cell metabolism which result in organ malfunctions and with long term influence in changing on tissues. The person becomes sick. The body’s own intelligent regulation system, which otherwise operates itself, is severely disrupted by electromagnetic influences.


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Carti si aparate de masura campuri electromagnetice

Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves

eSmog Scout

Extech 480823 Electromagnetic Field and Extremely Low Frequency Meter
The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

Audio: opinii medicale si ale autorilor de carti/studii

What is Happening to Patients?

How Serious is This Problem?
The DNA & Cancer Connection
What’s Happening in Nature?
Deceptions With Science
The Call to Action!
Wisdom Traditions Perspective
Media Teleclass on Cellphones and Brain Tumors

Cum sa reduci radiatiile electromagnetice la tine acasa

Electrical Pollution
People exposed to excessive “dirty” power may develop radio wave sickness. Clean power enters the home at 60 Hz. Electrical pollution is 60 Hz electricity polluted with high frequency signals or “dirty” power flowing on the wires and through the earth.

Solutii de reducere a radiatiilor in casa:

Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary

Problemele biologice asociate cu stresorii electromagnetici se impart in doua mari categorii:
1. Creier (probleme de comportament, invatare greoaie, ciclurile vietii alterate si raspunsul la stres)
2. Tesurturi crescute ( inclusiv cancer)

5 solutii simple pentru a crea o zona curata pentru somn
1. Folositi ceas cu baterii langa pat
2. Reparati scurtcircuitele din dormitor
3. Eliminati sau protejat-va contra Frecventelor Radio
4. Folositi paturi fara metal
5. Fiti sigur ca nu sunt alte campuri magnetice