Standarde oficiale campuri electromagnetice

A number of national and international organizations have formulated guidelines establishing limits for occupational and residential EMF exposure. The exposure limits for EMF fields developed by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) – a non-governmental organization formally recognised by WHO, were developed following reviews of all the peer-reviewed scientific literature, including thermal and non-thermal effects. The standards are based on evaluations of biological effects that have been established to have health consequences. The main conclusion from the WHO reviews is that EMF exposures below the limits recommended in the ICNIRP international guidelines do not appear to have any known consequence on health.

The International EMF Project has compiled a worldwide standards database limiting exposure to EMF.

Because disparities in EMF standards around the world has caused increasing public anxiety about EMF exposures from the introduction of new technologies, WHO commenced a process of harmonization of electromagnetic fields (EMF) standards worldwide. With 54 participating countries and 8 international organizations involved in the International EMF Project, it provides a unique opportunity to bring countries together to develop a framework for harmonization of EMF standards and to encourage the development of exposure limits and other control measures that provide the same level of health protection to all people.

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EMF World Wide Standards Database
Framework for developing health-based EMF standards
Model Legislation

Telefoane mobile: informatii despre SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)

Fiecare telefon mobil are un anumit camp electromagnetic si la fiecare exista un grad de absorbtie, specificat in datele tehnice.

Date despre gradul SAR: sau

Exemplu de top 10 a celor mai radiante telefoane:

Magazine si produse pentru protectia electromagnetica

This site is for people who want to learn how to assess home and office environments for electromagnetic fields, and how to remediate electromagnetic safety problems if they exist. Our philosophy is that one should first learn how to clean up one’s personal environment, and especially one’s sleeping and office environments where one spends long hours. To that end, we offer you a selection of high value-added and economical measurement and safety resources screened and described by expert EMF consultant, Stan Hartman of Radsafe in Boulder, CO.

For more information about electromagnetic factors in health please read the Book, Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution, available at There you will also find much valuable educational content on this emerging public health issue. Learn—and come back often!

1) Meters. You’ll find a range of meters and detectors here for electric, magnetic and radiofrequency fields, so you can start becoming a EMF detective. It is only when you measure the fields that you can know what fields are present, and how, and from what direction, to remediate with assurance. See Meters.

2) Bed Canopies. Create a bedroom sleep sanctuary so you rest undisturbed by electromagnetic fields and wake up more refreshed in the morning. People who are electrically sensitive find shielding bed canopies essential, as do high performance athletes and, increasingly, business executives bathed in frequencies all day. See Bed Canopies.

3) Shielding Fabrics. Shielding fabric by the foot can be used to line curtains, walls and can even be put under carpets or desk chair pads to shield from the Wi-Fi of neighbors downstairs. See Shielding Fabric.

4) Shielding Films. Placing plastic shielding film on glass windows can significantly block out ambient radiofrequency radiation-from where it comes into the building most easily. See Shielding Films.

5) Shielding Paints. Metallic water-based paint can be placed under latex paints or wallpapers. Suitable for many types of exterior surfaces as well. Caution: Needs grounding and should not be installed without the services of an electrician. Also, do not put shielding paint on the walls if the room will contain RF emitting devices, such as computers, cell phones, wi-fi, compact fluorescent bulbs, etc. See Shielding Paints.

6) “Dirty Electricity” Meter and Filters. Increasingly, high frequency transients get on wall wiring and create unhealthy fields. This is especially so in downtown urban environments or where one is operating electronic equipment of various kinds. To see if you have “dirty electricity”, purchase a Dirty Power Meter, then neutralize transients by putting at least one Graham-Stetzer filter in one of the wall sockets on each circuit. See Dirty Electricity Filters and Meter.

7) RF-Reducing Cell Phone Headsets. This is the best headset-the one where the sound travels up the plastic air tube limiting the amount of radiation to your brain from either cell phones or portable phones. If you must use a cell phone, using this headset will reduce radiation to the brain significantly. Hands Free RF Reducing Headset. See RF-Reducing Cell Phone Headsets.

Salin – purificator aer


Produsele Salin sunt bazate pe ideea tratamentelor in minele de sare cunoscute si folosite la noi in tara de foarte multa vreme. Ele utilizeaza un procedeu de noutate absoluta in tratarea complexa a aerului si anume trecerea fortata a aerului printr-un bloc filtrant cu granule de saruri, in principal clorura de sodiu.

Cele mai importante caracteristici ale purificatoarelor de aer Salin sunt:

* marirea rezistentei generale a organismului la raceli;
* actiune generala desensibilizanta in probleme alergice;
* de mare ajutor in rinite, sinuzite, laringite;
* rezultate favorabile in astm bronsic, bronsite astmatiforme, bronsite, bronsectazii, silicoze, recuperari in TBC, mucoviscidoza;
* somn linistit, odihnitor, stare de confort psihic;
* scaderea problematicii sforaitului;
* reducerea problemelor respiratorii ale fumatorilor;
* ajutor natural in renuntarea mai usoara la fumat;
* calitate deosebita a aerului care devine proaspat si placut respiratiei, cu asigurarea unui ambient interior placut.

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Definitie: The combination of organic material (cured fiberglass resin-a hydrocarbon compound) and metal chips provides a matrix which has the capacity to attract and capture orgone energy.

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Quantmed, torser, protectie electromagnetica

Protectii Electromagnetice

DUPLEX I,II,III – Dispozitivul Duplex este un configurator al biocampului acordat precis pe spectrul de frecvente al zonelor cu perturbari geologice. Aceste frecvente sunt transformate in frecvente bipolare si emise in incapere cu efect regulator asupra organismului.Dupa dimensiuni si arie de acoperire exista trei tipuri Duplex I, II si III.

Duplex III, combinat cu dispozitivul Electrosmog. Ofera protectie contra tuturor campurilor nocive geopatogene, radiatii telurice, radiatii electromagnetice. Electrosmog nu poate fi folosit separat ci numai conectat la Duplex.

ADR Protect – Highly recommended for users of cellular & mobile phones, computers, microwaves, and any electronic or electric appliances. Patented New-Tech Device. Strengthens the immune system of all living organisms and counteracts the harmful effects of environmental pollutants.Protect your health with this scientifically researched, award winning, easy to apply, low cost and safe-to-use ADR Protect™ energy stimulator.

TV RAYEX – Protectie pentru persoanele care petrec multe ore in fata calculatorului sau la televizor.Asezat in fata sau spatele monitorului previne aparitia unor tulburari date de influenta radiatiior electromagnetice asupra organismului.Dispozitivul a fost testat cu succes si este eficient atat timp cat se afla in apropierea sursei perturbatoare.


TORSER este primul dispozitiv portabil care asigura, timp de 7 ani, protectie bioinformationala omului la radiatii electromagnetice, geopatogene, psihotronice si de alta natura, elaborat si produs in Ucraina, bazat pe cea mai avansata tehnologie in domeniul fizicii cuantice si anume interactiunea campurilor axiale, de torsiune (axial fields).