Salesforce Einstein, the #1 CRM becomes the World’s Smartest CRM

Salesforce EinsteinWe live in a hyperconnected world. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have replaced Big Data as the buzzwords of 2016. If I hear AI I think of movies like “HER” or “Moon” or “2001: A Space Odyssey”. But, AI is reaching a tipping point from being the focus of clever movie plots to a tangible business reality. This is thanks to the access and the ability to crunch petabytes of data and the low cost of high power cloud computing. Gartner already predicted last year that “by 2018, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines”.

What does Einstein mean for our customers?

Powered by advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery, Einstein’s models will be automatically customised for every single customer. It will learn, self-tune and get smarter with every interaction and additional piece of data. And most importantly, Einstein’s intelligence will be embedded within the context of business, automatically discovering relevant insights, predicting future behavior, proactively recommending best next actions and even automating tasks.

(Blog Salesforce, 12/12/2016)

Piramida tehnologiilor de pe net cu stimarea comerciala

Unii dintre noi avem conturi in sisteme de pe Internet. Sau mai bine zis toata lumea are un cont sau mai multe. Acest cont este o particica din valoarea estimata a sistemului. Pe langa cont, valoarea este data si de comportamentul avut in sistem, cat de adanc esti bagat in sistem.

Piramida de mai jos este publicata aici ca si fapt divers, pentru a cunoaste ce alte sisteme exista in afara de cele frecventate personal.

Ne vedem pe net!


Temele de culori inchise in IDE pentru programatori

PHPStormEu folosesc tema clasica, alba, fara prea multe modificari in zona de mediu de programare. Programele IDE in genul Eclipse (si alte implementari peste Eclipse) sau PhpStorm, au multe optiuni prin care iti poti parametriza culorile si multe alte zeci de chestii. Am inceput cu Notepad-ul, cu mcedit-ul si acum folosesc PhpStorm, Eclipse, Sublime sau vi, depinde pe ce sistem ma aflu: Windows, MacOx sau Linux.

Am gasit intr-un articol despre scurtaturile din PHPStom, niste argumente pentru temele inchise.

Dark themes for readability
Many people underestimate a good theme, dismissing it outright as flair or pure vanity. This is wrong – a good theme is a good user experience – it increases readability and makes you notice errors, keywords and all the syntax spice intuitively, without having to think about it. There are several benefits to using dark themes:

  • when looking at a bright display, your eyes get fatigued faster, especially at night (which is when most programmers tend to do their work). On dark displays, instead of focusing on the entire bright screen and trying to discern holes in it (darkness – letters), your eyes are immediately drawn to the bright parts – the text, ignoring the background altogether.
  • I subjectively claim that colors are easier to notice when on darker backgrounds. Naturally, this means the colors should have a decent, but not too strong contrast to the background
  • It’s a known fact that blue light from self-lit displays suppresses melatonin, which in turn disrupts your sleep patterns. If you find yourself having difficulty falling asleep after a 4AM coding session despite feeling utterly obliterated by fatigue, try a darker theme and exposing yourself to less light in general when working at night.

Things to look for in a theme are mid-range contrasts. Avoid absolutes – the background shouldn’t be pure black, and the text shouldn’t be pure white/red/green/orange. These sharp contrasts confuse and strain the eye just as much as having an all-white background and all-dark text does. Instead, look for pastel, smokey colors. Likewise, increasing the font is usually a good idea, if the theme’s default is tiny. The eyes strain when reading too small letters, and if the spacing isn’t good enough either, you’ll have a hard time reading anything without welcoming a headache. Two of my suggestions for darker themes are Darcula, which comes built into PhpStorm, and Solarized.

Succes la programare, sunt chiar curios de acest Solarized.

Constructie de taguri proprii de HTML + video

Ma uitatm la o conferinta a unui umanoid despre Internetul curent si despre productia de website-uri si aplicatii mobile. Am extras unele idei din filmul de mai jos:

  • Apar din ce mai multe unelte si totul devine complex: Boilerplate, Abstractions, Frameworks, testing, Docs, Workflow, Dependency, management, Performance, optimization, Build, Continuous Integration, Deployment, Version control
  • Timpul este factorul chei in a fi productiv => Automatizeaza sarcinile repetitive pentru a fi eficient. Automatizarea nu inseamna sa fi lenes, fii doar eficient.
  • Un flux de lucru (workflow) mediu de front-end arata asa:
    • Instalare (setup): Scaffolding, Download libraries, Download template, Download frameworks
    • Dezvoltare (develop): Urmareste Sass, Less, Stylus; Urmareste CoffeeScript, Jade, Haml; Verificare online (LiveReload), JS/CSS Linting
    • Implementare (duild): Code linting, rulare unit-uri de test, compilarea codului, minificare (minify) si concatenare, generare de imagini si iconite, Optimizarea performantei

    Se poate folosi o unealta Yeoman = Yo + Grunt + Bower.
    Grunt = unealta pentru constructie, previzualizare si testare.
    Bower = managementul dependintelor
    Yo = scriere mai putina de cod si mai mult “Scaffolding”
    Intrebari despre Yeoman: Este flexibila? Este gata pentru productie? Este buna si in viitor?

  • construit pe 4 nivele: Template-uri, Importuri HTML, Elemente personalizate, Shadow DOM

Conferita Addy Osmani la dotJS 2013

Cateva caracteristici (features) ale aplicatiei Polymer:

  • Declaratie de Inregistrare de Element: <polymer-element>
  • Declaratie de mostenire: <polymer-element extends=”…”>
  • Declaratie date de legare (data-binding) în ambele sensuri (two-way): <input id=”input” value=”{{foo}}”>
  • Declaratie gestionar de eveniment: <button on-click=”{{handleClick}}”>
  • Publicare de proprietati: = 5 <-> <x-foo bar=”5″>
  • Observatori modificari de proprietati: barChanged: function() {…}
  • Localizare automata de nod: this.$.input.value = 5