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Types[ edit ] An option offense is any football scheme that relies on option running plays as its cornerstone. There are a variety of such schemes. Some of the most popular versions include: The classic wishbone formation opțiunea răspândire este the backfield set that gives it its name Opțiunea răspândire este option offense The wishbone offense, whose introduction to Football Bowl Subdivision formerly Division I-A college football is credited to Emory Bellardis named after its base formation of a quarterback, a fullback aligned four to five yards behind the quarterback, and two halfbacks aligned on each side of the fullback and one yard to two yards deeper.

Russell began coaching Masonic Home inand due to the fact that his teams were often over-matched physically by other schools, they were called the "Mighty Mites".

The result is a backfield alignment that resembles the shape of a wishbone. Opțiunea răspândire este called the triple-option, this base formation allows three basic running options: the fullback receiving the handoff, the quarterback pitching to either halfback, or the quarterback running the ball himself.

While the wishbone's success reached its zenith in the s, it remains popular at the high school and small college level but is nearly extinct at major college programs. It often employs three running back formations, especially in the Bay City version of the offense. The wing T helped change the game of football in its formative years, and changed the traditional role of the quarterback from a blocker much like a modern fullback in the classic "single wing", to the primary distributor of the ball.

As the triple-option became prominent, the wing T quickly incorporated the veer into its arsenal. In conjunction, it tends to employ significantly more misdirection running plays. The traps, crosses, fakes, pulls, sweeps, and counters that characterize the wing T are often supplemented by a heavy dose of option runs—most notably the veer triple option. The veer is well suited to the wing T offense, especially the Delaware version.

The Delaware version of the wing T, with its predominant two running back sets, gained significant prominence in the late s and early s and was most notably employed by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during the Parseghian era.

It continues to be employed by high schools and small college teams. This variation of the wishbone adds spread-like qualities to opțiunea răspândire este standard triple-option configuration and is popular amongst service academies. It was called the "Wingbone", a variation of the Wishbone Bellard originally invented. The flexbone offense varies opțiunea răspândire este the opțiunea răspândire este in a few fundamental ways. First, and most notably, the flexbone replaces the halfbacks that are aligned in the backfield of a wishbone with one or two "wingbacks" or "slot backs," that align off-tackle or off-end.

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These "hybrid" players are typically very quick and must be adept at running, blocking particularly cut blockingand receiving. Because of their positioning, they can more easily facilitate the passing game in the flexbone and serve to stretch the defensive alignment laterally prior to the snap.

Teams that opțiunea răspândire este this scheme tend to amass consistently high rushing averages. The name "flexbone" is somewhat controversial and usually reflects the school of thought from which the offense was born. Some practitioners, such as Air Force's famed former head coach, Fisher DeBerrywelcomed the name flexbone because the offense was seen as a modification of the traditional wishbone.

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Still others, such as Paul Johnson reject the moniker, opțiunea răspândire este instead to call their systems, the " spread offense ". The offense was actually born in the latter school of practitioners, with its origins attributed to Paul Johnson while at Georgia Southern in the mids. He brought the system briefly to Hawaiʻi in the late '80s and then returned to Georgia Southern, which won a record six Division I-AA national titles and eight conference titles while using this offense.

As traditional wishbone coaches sought to make their offenses more dynamic, they began to mimic the alignments of this "spread offense" and re-dubbed it the flexbone.

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The name has since stuck, most likely in order to prevent confusion with other spread offenses. By the late '90s, the flexbone was adapted by all three NCAA Division I-A military academies, where it provided strong statistical results.

After bringing Navy to its greatest run of success in decades, Johnson brought the offense with him to Georgia Techwhere it has achieved great success. Though balanced attacks opțiunea răspândire este the I formation have been around for decades, the I-option gained extraordinary popularity with its employment by Tom Osborne at the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Using this offense, Osborne had outstanding success from the time of its introduction in until his retirement inincluding three national championships.

The I-option offense offered a more traditional balanced attack.

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At its core, the offense relies on a devastating combination of power running, the option, and play-action passing, which are easily run from the I-formation and its variations. The concept of a balanced offensive attack combined with the big play potential of the option enticed vast numbers of top-level college teams to include some components of the Nebraska I. Spread option offense Emerging during the late s and s, the spread option is typically run from any variant of the shotgun formation, opțiunea răspândire este in the example above.

The "spread" allows teams to use speed [8] and athleticism to exploit gaps created by the wide distribution of players. The spread option offense is a variant of the more generic "spread offense".

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It has found success and widespread employment in college and high school football. Essentially a hybrid of the traditionally pass-oriented spread offense, the spread option is based on opțiunea răspândire este concept of defensive isolation. The offense "spreads" the defense by aligning in three-to-five receiver sets, using two or fewer running backs in the backfield and often setting the quarterback in shotgun.

This spread forces the defense to defend more of the field and isolates its players in space. To exploit this, the offense employs double or triple option plays which further mitigates the athleticism of the defense and forces it to play their assignments. When used in combination with a consistent passing game, the spread option offense can yield strong results. The means by which option plays are run from the spread option offense vary greatly. This play is also opțiunea răspândire este robot de tranzacționare profitabil the zone read, QB choice, or QB wrap.

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A type of double option, the read option is a relatively simple play during which the offensive line zone blocks in one direction, ignoring defensive personnel, while the quarterback makes a single read usually of the backside defensive end or linebacker and decides whether to keep the ball if the backside defender crashes down or to hand off to the back if the defender indicates that he will cover the quarterback.

Others have found even more innovative ways to run the option from spread formations.

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Creative use of motioning schemes has enabled wide receivers and even tight ends to become ball carriers as evidenced by Wake Forest's version of the spread employed during the mids. Rich Rodriguez is credited with inventing the zone read play run out of the shotgun formation. Option plays[ edit ] A QB pitches the ball. At the heart of all option offenses is the option run. This relatively complicated running play may take on many forms. All option runs, however, rely on two opțiunea răspândire este principles: Whereas the traditional running play typically designates the ballcarrier prior to the snap, the ballcarrier in a true option running play is determined by reading the defensive alignment or the actions of defensive players.

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This may occur at the line of scrimmage or after the ball is snapped. The second principle of the option run is that it must include two or more potential ballcarriers. These individuals each perform a predetermined route, or "track" that poses a unique threat to a defense.

Defenders must focus on their assignments, which stresses the defense and often mitigates its speed, size and aggressiveness. Consequently, option offenses are excellent for undersized teams.

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Option runs[ edit ] Option running plays are as numerous as the schemes that employ them. However, nearly all option running plays can be characterized as either a double option or triple option. This is determined by the number of choices available during the play.

Triple option: In these highly complex running plays, three potential ballcarriers are available. Opțiunea răspândire este triple option typically features three components: a "dive" track, a "keep" track and "pitch" track.

At the snap of the ball, this player attacks the line of scrimmage somewhere between the offensive tackles or end in the outside veer as designated by the type of triple option play. This player is often the first choice in the triple option. His goal is to quickly attack the defensive interior in order to either pick up yardage or freeze the defense and prevent their pursuit to the outside. This quick surge into the interior of the defense is traditionally opțiunea răspândire este a "dive".

The quarterback determines whether to hand the ball to the fullback by reading a "dive key" - usually a defensive end. If the dive key does not try to tackle the running back the quarterback will hand the ball off to him. Alternatively, if the defender attempts to tackle the running back, the quarterback will keep the ball himself. This decision usually takes place while both the dive back and the quarterback are holding the football in an intricate exchange called the "mesh".

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On the keep track, the quarterback may run upfield for yardage or pitch the ball to another ballcarrier on the "pitch" track. This player is called the "pitch back" and the quarterback determines whether or not to pitch the ball by reading the "pitch key" - usually a linebacker or defensive back. Double option: The double option is an effective cousin of the triple option.

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As the name indicates, the double option provides only two potential ballcarriers instead of three. Yet it often relies on speed, or misdirection to compensate for the reduction. Read option: It is typically run out of the shotgun formation.