China ataca prin roboti de indexare

Azi am gasit in statistici zeci de hosturi de genul 123.125.66.* si am cautat ce robot foloseste clasa aceasta. Este un chinez pe nume Baiduspider. Este suspectat ca ar fii japonez, cert este ca are ochii mici.

Baiduspider is a Baidu search engine automatic procedure. Its function is visits on the Internet the html homepage, establishes the index database, enables the user to search the expensive website in the Baidu search engine the homepage.

Why does baiduspider massively visit my homepage?
After baiduspider visits your homepage, can on the automated analysis each homepage writing content and the memory homepage website, then other 网友 can find your homepage through hundred search engines. If baiduspider does not visit your homepage, then possesses through baiduspider provides the homepage information the search engine all not to be able to find your homepage, in other words, other 网友 and so on several dozens search the website in hundred Sina Yahoo! Tom to be able not to be able to find your homepage. You may arrive here further to understand the search engine.

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