Firefox, mai multe decat un browser

Lucram linistit pe Windows si ma trezesc ca un program macina hard-disk-ul insistent. Era Firefox-ul 3.5 care scana programele instalate si le intreba de sanatate. Nu stiam ca browser-ul sa aibe nevoie sa stie toate programele instalate pe computer.

Scanare Firefox programe de pe computer

Scanare Firefox programe de pe computer

Ultima actualizare: Au mai intalnit si altii problema aceasta:
The Firefox 3.5 fiasco

It’s NSS. What? The Network Security System. It turns out that NSS needs to do all kinds of encryption and other security related tasks (which seems kind of logical), and for that it needs random numbers.

Very slow startup for Firefox 3.5 due to accessing IE Internet Temporary Files and Windows Temp folder

It starts up very very slow(almost morethen two minutes). I have a very powerfull machine at work
(Q6600 with 4 GB Ram).

O cautare pe net (care in mare parte se face prin google) m-a invatat ca exista about:config, un mod de configurare pentru browser. Uitasem de optimizari, urmariri si alte chestii din astea, avand incredere in “noua versiune”. In sfarsit, prin about:config poti ajunge rapid la setari ale Firefox-ului si poti dezactiva / optimiza / urmari / modifica parametrii.

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