Un mod de a câștiga care nu a existat încă pe internet

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Yes, Actually — More Than Ever. Patrick is a writer, composer, and experienced touring musician based in Philadelphia.

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Is touring still relevant in the digital age? Yes, actually.

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More than ever before. Where are you right now?

De unde vin banii pe Internet și cine vă va plăti?

Are you reading this article on your laptop at a coffeeshop? Look around you.

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No amount of technology can replicate the experience of seeing a band performing their music right in front of your eyes in real time. As our culture becomes increasingly reliant on the internet for everyday things, the need to experience nature, visual art and music right there in the moment will become more important than ever. If you make great music that you can pull off well in an engaging performance setting, people will go out of their way by rearranging their night and by paying to see you.

But the benefits of touring in are more than just financial.

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Yes, maintaining a social media presence can help with these things, but nothing can substitute the value of human interaction. Trends in music come and go every day it seems, but touring is here to stay. You and your bandmates will have to walk the thin line between obligations, like careers and relationships at home, and taking the time and energy to build a national presence by frequent touring.

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